10 July 2013 P1.0 (Printing)

First printing.

29 May 2013 B5.0

This is the final beta. Indexing and copy edit are done. Now it’s on to layout and then the printer.

03 April 2013 B4.0

The book is now content-complete and is ready for indexing and copy edit.

20 March 2013 B3.0

This release adds the final two chapters. Chapter 11, Teaming Up, discusses how your co-workers and employer affect your health, and what you can do to ensure the relationship is positive. In Chapter 12, Onward, Healthy Programmer, we’ll discuss where to take your health goals after finishing this book. You’ll learn how to keep your health moving forward every day.

Some significant revisions have been made to the daily checklist. The changes are primarily cosmetic as the content and intention remains the same. There have also been changes to the exercises presented in Chapter 6, Preventing Back Pain, to align with the absolute latest research in this area. The most important changes is the replacement of the half sit-up with the curl-up.

Finally, all errata that were reported prior to March 2, 2013 have been addressed.

31 January 2013 B2.0

Two new chapters have been added in this release. Chapter 9, Thinking Outside the Cube, provides advice on the general need to get outdoors more often. This can have a positive impact on many facets of health that range from your teeth to your immune system.

In Chapter 10, Refactoring Your Fitness, we’ll discuss how and why to take your fitness to the next level. It uses the same daily routine prescribed earlier in the book to define a framework of physical activity that will teach you to enjoy moving your body.

This update includes clarification on a few research areas that readers found confusing or felt needed more elaboration, as well as improvements to some of the illustrations and figures to make them better align with the text.

All formulas, equations, and references to weight and height now include metric units alongside imperial units. All reader comments and feedback have been considered and improvements have been made based on many of them. In addition, all errata that was reported prior to January 31, 2013 have been addressed.

09 January 2013 B1.0

Initial beta release.