02 June 2020 B9.0

Production is complete. Now it’s on to layout and the printer.

16 April 2020 B8.0

• Added chapter 20.
• Removed outdated method of suppressing root view controller from chapter 4.
• Updated FBSnapshotTestCase to 6.2.0, use new FBSnapshotVerifyView-Controller() function.
• Updated description of how to set the location for snapshot reference images.
• Updated images to latest Xcode.
• Content complete and headed to production.

13 November 2019 B7.0

  • Added chapter 19, Refactoring: Moving to Model View Presenter (MVP).

14 October 2019 B6.0

  • Added chapter 17, Unleash the Power of Refactoring
  • Added chapter 18, Refactoring: Moving to Model View View Model (MVVM)

05 September 2019 B5.0

  • Button Taps: Added new section “Making a Test Helper for Button Taps”.
  • Alerts: Use new ViewControllerPresentationSpy which is simpler and more
    powerful than MockUIAlertController.
  • Navigation: Complete rewrite using new framework.
  • Network Response: Added new section “Keeping Asynchronous Code In
    Its Closure”. Added new section “Testing an Error Scenario”.
  • Fixed errata.

08 August 2019 B4.0

  • Simplified text field firstResponder tests.
  • Added “Key Takeaways” to summarize highlights of each chapter.
  • “Exercises” at the end are now “Activities,” there to reinforce learning.
  • Improved logging statements to make them easier to find in Console output.
  • Annotated learning tests without assertions which rely on Console output.
  • Eliminated sender: argument from @IBAction examples.

08 July 2019 B3.0

  • Simplified descriptions of setting up projects.
  • Enforce Storyboard ID using String(describing:).
  • Added sidebar “Why Prefer Unit Tests for UI Testing?”
  • Changed Network Request code to use URLRequest, not just URL.
  • Addressed errata.

10 June 2019 B2.0

  • Fixed memory problem after testing text field input focus.
  • Moved test helpers into separate file.
  • Cleaned up sample code folder.
  • Addressed errata.

21 May 2019 B1.0

Initial beta release.