11 April 2011 P2.0 (Printing)

  • Second Printing

17 August 2009 P1.0 (Printing)

First Printing

02 July 2009 B6.0

This is our final beta for this book. Johanna has responded to all of your comments and revised the content in light of the excellent feedback we received from our peer reviewers. All that remains is to typeset the book but we wanted to get this final version into your hands as quickly as possible.

You’ll find the organization of the book has changed a bit and that many concrete examples have been added. We also thank Ron Jeffries and Tim Lister for contributing forewords.

01 June 2009 B5.0

After the last beta we sent this book out for peer review and the reviewers came back with great suggestions. You’ll see in this beta that Johanna has reworked all of the existing chapters. This is most visible in Chapter 1, Meet your Project Portfolio and Chapter 2, Living With Your Project Portfolio.

She has also added Chapter 10, Measure the Essentials. This new material shows you how best to measure the items you are managing in your portfolio to give you the most realistic and useful information about your progress towards goals your customers care about. You’ll also find the beginnings of a glossary. The terms are there—the definitions aren’t. If there are words you’d like to see added to this list, feel free to let us know by filing an errata.

13 April 2009 B4.0

In this beta, we’ve added a chapter on evolving your portfolio. Much of the material is based on shifting your emphasis from being centered a
round your project to being centered on what it is that your customers are buying: a product with features that are well-tested that run smoothly.

24 March 2009 B3.0

In this beta, you’ll see how to set a rhythm for reviewing the portfolio, and how to defend the portfolio from well-meaning (and some not-so-well-meaning) people who are concerned about how to help the organization work faster. If you feel as if you can’t change how you organize projects, JR has some suggestions for you. And, we have a brief application of lean concepts into how you manage the portfolio.

Once you understand how to make some tradeoffs on how you go about managing the portfolio, it’s time to examine how to document projects you are not going to undertake now, how to have a project portfolio meeting, and how to review your decisions.

28 February 2009 B2.0

No matter where you fit in in your organization, you are going to have to work with others to make decisions. This beta includes a chapter on collaboration. As you manage your portfolio you’re going to have to evaluate projects and programs, rank them, and set priorities. This chapter talks about the benefits of and strategies for collaborating.

17 February 2009 B1.0