P5.0 (Printing) - 07 August 2014

Internal updates for improved e-reader compatibility and consistency across platforms.

P4.0 (Printing) - 19 August 2012

Fourth printing.

For a complete list of updates and fixes, please see errata.

P3.0 (Printing) - 24 July 2012

Third Printing.

For a complete list of updates and fixes, please see errata.

P2.0 (Printing) - 11 February 2011

  • Second Printing

P1.0 (Printing) - 13 September 2010

  • First Printing

B5.0 - 21 June 2010

  • In this final chapter, “Chapter 15: Continuous Integration,” you will see how agile teams maintain a culture of production readiness and make deploying their software into production a non-event. By the end of this chapter you will have all you need to ship production ready code as well as a few pointers on where to begin if this is your first agile project.

B4.0 - 08 June 2010

Two new chapters have been added:

  • Chapter 13: Refactoring—Paying down your technical debt
  • Chapter 14: Test-Driven Development

B3.0 - 01 June 2010

We kick off the engineering part of the book with one of the most important software practices known to man—automated unit testing. In Chapter 12, “Unit Testing—Knowing It Works” you will learn how to create powerful suites of automated unit tests to prevent bugs from creeping back into your software while enabling you to make changes to your code with confidence.

B2.0 - 24 May 2010

This release contains a brand new chapter on visual workspaces—or more specifically, how to set one up for your project. You’ll learn why setting up a visual workspace can be good for you and your project, ideas for what your agile workspace might look like, and how to keep your team focused and the most important to-dos of your project self evident.

B1.0 - 11 May 2010

  • First Beta