P1.0 (Printing) - 17 December 2013

First printing.

B6.0 - 28 October 2013

Production is complete. Layout and the printer are next.

B5.0 - 25 September 2013

Indexing is complete.

B4.0 - 10 September 2013

First copyedit is complete. Indexing is next.

B3.0 - 28 August 2013

Copyedit and indexing are next.

B2.0 - 24 June 2013

You’ll find two new chapters: Chapter 5, Streaming Server Events to Clients Asynchronously, and Chapter 8, Translating Applications Using Key-Value Backends, making the book content-complete. In addition, all the code has been updated to support Rails 4.0 RC2. All outstanding errata has been addressed. Thanks to everyone who submitted items that needed fixing. Keep them coming!

B1.0 - 30 April 2013

Initial beta release.