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  • Reported in: P1.0 (07-Feb-18)
PDF page: 5
In the last paragraph of the page, second sentence: Platforms for protyping the Internet of Things... Should be prototyping I'd think.--Hong Zha...more...
  • Reported in: B5.0 (23-Dec-17)
  • Fixed: 14-Feb-18, awaiting book release
PDF page: 8

On "Programming for the Node.js Event Loop",
Example of command:
$ echo, > target.txt

Expected as:
$ echo > target.txt--sshida

Jim R. Wilson says: Hi sshida, The comma after echo in 'echo,' was intentional, I know it looks weird. Putting a punctuation mark after echo in Windows creates a file with a single empty line (or so I understand).
  • Reported in: P1.0 (23-Jan-18)
  • Fixed: 14-Feb-18, awaiting book release
PDF page: 18
As copied from the page, the last line of the code example watcher-spawn-parse.js gives me an error on the extra paren: ); "Unexpected token )". f...more...
Jim R. Wilson says: In the code pasted here, some spaces are missing. For example 'const ls' shows up as 'constls'. It's common for pasted text from PDFs to omit important whitespace, so you may have better luck by following along with the code downloads that accompany the book. Thanks!
  • Reported in: P1.0 (05-Jan-18)
PDF page: 29
Paper page: 30
In Version 8.9.3 of node and the net library there will be a hard error if you do not use an on('error') clause. So changing to connection.on('...more...
  • Reported in: B5.0 (23-Dec-17)
PDF page: 33
On the last line: "... and save its text content to the book.text property." Should be: "... nd save its text content to the book.title property...more...
  • Reported in: P1.0 (07-Jan-18)
Paper page: 78
Missing code example for "Bidirectional Messaging" within downloadable code. On page 78 it was mentioned that an example could be find within the dow...more...
  • Reported in: B5.0 (21-Dec-17)
PDF page: 98

"Here, instead of finding each subject’s <rdf:value> living it its own <dcterms:subject>

The word "it" should be "in" here.--Hafiz Aina

  • Reported in: P1.0 (19-Jan-18)
PDF page: 100
Paper page: 87

The code example doesn't have closing braces and parenthesis.--Jeff Maher

  • Reported in: B4.0 (15-Nov-17)
PDF page: 171
It appears that I am having issues with "express": "4.14.1"and the, create bundle example having url parameters. If I change the to ...more...