23 January 2018 P1.0 (Printing)

First printing.

15 January 2018 B8.0

Production is complete. Now it’s on to layout and the printer.

16 November 2017 B7.0

The book is content-complete and heading to production.

17 October 2017 B6.0

  • Added “Process Supervision For Recovery”
  • Addressed errata

26 July 2017 B5.0

  • I’ve retrofitted the GenServer chapter to work with the new style of game logic and state machine. I’ve also retrofitted the Channels chapter to work with the new GenServer.
  • Addressed errata.

07 July 2017 B4.0

  • I’ve rewritten the state machine chapter to be purely functional. It now uses a simple data structure, a module, and functions instead of :gen_statem. I’ve also moved it into Part One of the book, ahead of Chapter 5, Wrap It Up In a GenServer.
  • Addressed errata

31 May 2017 B3.0

  • I’ve completely rewritten Chapter 2, Model Data and Behavior, to take a more explicitly functional approach. This is part one of a multi-part revision to better demonstrate when to stick with modules and functions, and when to use separate processes.
  • Addressed errata

I’m really excited to announce that both James Fish and Andrea Leopardi have joined our team of technical reviewers. They are members of the Elixir core team, and bring an incredible depth and breadth of Elixir knowledge to this task.

11 April 2017 B2.0

  • Added Chapter 4, Manage State with gen_statem
  • Addressed errata

21 March 2017 B1.0

Initial beta release.