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#47356: "a 2007 study by the National Endowment for the Arts5 concluded that Americans are not just reading less than they used to, but they are also ...more...
Lukas Mathis says: No, the quote is correct; they're reading less (quantitatively), and less well (qualitatively).
#50705: As someone suggest the formula in the book is not good BTW the exact formula it should be: MT= a + b * log2(D/W + 1) Where MT is the mov...more...
Lukas Mathis says: This is intentional. The book only shows the part of the formula that is relevant for the reader to understand the impact the formula has on design, i.e. the part of the formula that calculates the index of difficulty.
#47589: "The formula for the ID is logarithmic" cannot be the cause of the statement that follows, because log only amplifies its argument if it is <1...more...
Lukas Mathis says: You're right. I'll fix this in the next edition. Thanks!

#48861: The intended link at the end of footnote 5 was probably another, not the same as footnote 4.--Riccardo Mori


#49267: Joel Spolsky's book, User Interface Design for Programmers [Spo11], was published in 2001, not 2011.--Andrew Broman


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#47243: replace bike helmet study with less controversial example of unintended consequences--A medical doc