30 October 2013 P1.0 (Printing)

First printing.

08 September 2013 B7.0

Production is complete. Layout and the printer are next.

26 July 2013 B6.0

Indexing is complete.

15 July 2013 B5.0

Copyedit is complete. Indexing is next.

02 July 2013 B4.0

  • Added section on TDD and Performance in the “Additional Concerns” chapter
  • Added section on Integration and Acceptance Testing in the “Additional Concerns” chapter
  • Added appendix, “Other C++ Unit Testing Tools”
  • Added foreword by Uncle Bob
  • Added acknowledgments and dedication
  • Incorporated a pile of errata and feedback elements
  • Added a bunch of information on Windows configuration to the Setup chapter
  • Book is now content-complete and is moving into production

08 May 2013 B3.0

Cleared and incorporated all errata, added section on the TPP in the Additional Concepts chapter, added section on writing assertions first in the Additional Concepts chapter, added Threading as a separate chapter which had started as part of the Additional Concepts chapter, and reworked the Soundex example slightly.

12 April 2013 B2.0

Addressed errata items. Completed “Legacy Challenges” chapter. Reworked First Example code to clean up some code problems. Cleaned up various code elements, including a couple that take advantage of C++11 features. Completed Setup chapter that discusses software needed and installation instructions for Linux. (Windows, Mac TBD)

19 March 2013 B1.0

Initial beta release.