11 October 2017 P1.0 (Printing)

First printing.

03 October 2017 B9.0

Production is complete. Now, it’s on to layout and the printer.

08 August 2017 B8.0

Thank you to all the technical reviewers who shared their feedback with me! Based on their suggestions I made several adjustments throughout the book. The next step is production and finalizing the layout before print.

29 June 2017 B7.0

This release is all about tightening things up and preparing for a final round of technical reviews. If this beta release were a software system, then the release themes would be bug fixing and paying down technical debt.

Here are the changes to look for in this release:
  • Revise every chapter to fix errors, tighten prose, and improve clarity. About 15 pages were cut in the process of this editing.
  • Remove Business Goals Workshop activity. This is a great workshop, but not all the awesome design methods and techniques will make it into the book. My intention is to gradually publish whatever doesn’t make the cut on my blog, http://neverletdown.net.
  • Add new activities to Part 3: Goal-Question-Metric Workshop, Event Storming, and Component Responsibility Collaborator cards.
  • Add missing pictures and examples to Part 3.
  • Fix submitted errata. Thank you, Murray!

06 June 2017 B6.0

With this release, all chapters are now available. Thank you to everyone who has shared feedback with me so far. The overall response to Design It! has been quite positive and everyone’s feedback has been tremendously helpful. Over the next few weeks the book will undergo aggressive editing and I’ll be working to finalize the activities in Part 3. As Design It! enters the final stage of its Beta, please keep the feedback coming!

Here are the changes to look for in this release.

  • Add new Chapter 6: Create a Foundation by Exploring Patterns. This chapter includes a brief catalog of architectural patterns and discusses the various ideas architects explore when designing software systems.
  • Change the order of chapters 6 and 7.
  • Add new Community Tips and Advice sidebar from Len Bass. Thanks, Len!

19 May 2017 B5.0

Every major system, at some point in its life, undergoes major structural refactoring. The same is true of books. Here are the major changes you’ll find in this release:

  • Split Visualize Design Decisions with Accurate Models into two chapters. Chapter 8: Manage Complexity with Meaningful Models focuses on using models to reason about the software system while Chapter 10: Visualize Design Decisions shares tips for diagramming and create views of the architecture.
  • Change the order of the old chapters 8, 9 (split in two), and 10. The newly split modelling now comes after the TBD exploration and patterns chapter, followed by Host an Architecture Design Studio, and then Visualize Design Decisions.
  • Add new Chapter 13: Empower the Architects on your Team. This chapter wraps up Part 2 by showing how to use your new architecture skills to design with your team instead of designing for your team.
  • Revise chapters 1, 3, and 4 based on feedback.

01 May 2017 B4.0

One of my goals with Design It! was to provide a down to earth, practical introduction to software architecture design. I want you to be able to do software architecture design, not just talk about it. Doing software architecture requires that you know where you’re headed. The new chapter in this release shows you how to figure this out by considering the risks in your software system. I hope you enjoy it and, as usual, feedback is always welcome.

Added new Chapter 3: Devise a Design Strategy. This chapter shows how to use risk to choose design mindsets and decide how much architecture work to do up front.

Added new information on the model-code gap and architecturally evident coding practices to Chapter 9: Visualize the Design with Accurate Models.

Fixed submitted errata.

06 April 2017 B3.0

With this beta release most of the design activities are in place. Have you tried one? How did it go? Describing design methods in writing skips the normal give and take we might have if we were working together in person. As you’re reading the design methods in Part 3, please let me know in the book’s errata page if there are method descriptions you think might be improved.
  • Add new Chapter 14: Activities to Explore Potential Solutions. This chapter includes 8 more methods, focusing on the explore mindset.

23 March 2017 B2.0

Here are the big changes to look for in this release.
  • Add new Chapter 15: Activities to Evaluate Options. This chapter brings 9 more practical methods you can use with your team immediately to evaluate architectures.
  • Add new Community Tips and Advice sidebar from Ipek Ozkaya. Thanks, Ipek!
  • Add bios for community contributors, now available in Appendix A1.
  • Fix submitted errata. Thank you, Jason, Ersin, and Logan!

06 March 2017 B1.0

Initial beta release.