09 January 2018 P1.0 (Printing)

First printing.

19 December 2017 B6.0

Production is complete. Now it’s on to layout and the printer.

18 November 2017 B5.0

This release fixes the figure problems in the mobi and epub versions of the beta.

23 October 2017 B4.0

The book is content-complete and heading to production.

02 October 2017 B3.0

This release adds the final two chapters in the book: Chapter 15, Adaptation, and Chapter 16, Chaos Engineering. These chapters show you how you can build systems that can grow, flex, and adapt over time, and use randomness through chaos engineering to improve them.

08 September 2017 B2.0

This release adds two chapters in Part III: “Design for Deployment” and “Handling Versions.” These chapters help you create services and applications that are easy to deploy—without taking downtime or disrupting your users.

22 August 2017 B1.0

Initial beta release.