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#76647: The function definition shows markup tags &lt; and &gt; instead of symbols < and >--James Caister

Maik Schmidt says: Thanks for pointing this out. It'll be fixed in the second edition.
#76962: "Make absolutely sure that you’re using pin 13! If you connect the LED to any other pin, it will probably be destroyed. The reason is that pin...more...
Maik Schmidt says: Thank you very much for the hint! It'll be fixed in the second edition. Best, Maik
#52244: The image of the items needed for the "binary dice" project has a 6 in it twice, once for the resistor, and once for the wires. The reason I n...more...
Maik Schmidt says: Thank you very much! This will be fixed in the second edition. Best, Maik
#50023: #48837: The phrase "For a binary die" should be "For a binary dice".--Michel Graciano The above erratum cannot be correct. The text should...more...
#76856: In method Telegraph::output_symbol() at the end of the function there should be a delay(length) so that there is a gap between the output pin ...more...