28 March 2014 P5.0 (Printing)

Internal updates for improved e-reader compatibility and consistency across platforms.

24 October 2012 P4.0 (Printing)

Fourth Printing.

For a complete list of updates and fixes, please see errata.

06 March 2012 P3.1

Arduino: A Quick-Start Guide ebooks have now been updated for Arduino 1.0, with revised code, examples, and screenshots throughout.

Arduino 1.0 brings many changes to the Ethernet library. A few classes have been renamed, some APIs have been refactored, and there is native support for DNS and DHCP now. The same is true for the Wire library that’s used to talk to the Wii Nunchuk. We’ve changed all the book’s examples accordingly and added new examples showing how to use the new features. New sidebars explain all the differences from older Arduino versions. We also cover the Arduino IDE’s new features, and we’ve changed the extension of all Arduino sketches from .pde to .ino.

If you’re using an older Arduino version, not to worry: most of the book’s code still runs on nearly every Arduino version available. All samples that do not run without changes on Arduino 1.0 are available in two versions in the book’s downloadable code: one for Arduino 1.0 and one for older Arduino releases.

25 August 2011 P3.0 (Printing)

  • Third Printing

17 May 2011 P2.0 (Printing)

  • Second Printing

12 January 2011 P1.0 (Printing)

  • First Printing

14 December 2010 B7.0

  • Final Beta, now on to typesetting and then the printer.

27 October 2010 B6.0

  • The book is now final draft complete and heading to production. This new beta release covers the Arduino Uno and the IDE version 21. We had to adjust many code samples and due to some incompatibilities we even had to replace one of our Twitter examples with email. This isn’t bad news after all, because you now not only learn how to tweet messages using your Arduino but you also learn how to send emails.
  • We have replaced several photos and improved many circuit diagrams.
  • Also we have added many references throughout the text and we have fixed all known errata.

29 July 2010 B5.0

This new release contains a new project showing how to build a Morse code generator (with both sound and light). By building the project you’ll also learn how to create your own Arduino libraries.

Three new appendixes contain many things that didn’t fit into the other chapters. They explain the basics of electricity and show you how to solder. You’ll learn how serial communication works in detail and how to use various popular programming languages for serial communication. We also talk about the Arduino programming environment and about bit operations.

14 July 2010 B4.0

This release includes a new chapter, Controlling Motors with Arduino. You’ll
learn about different types of motors and you’ll learn how to control servo motors using the Arduino. Then you’ll build a blaming device, so you no longer have to blame your colleagues manually when they do something wrong.

24 June 2010 B3.0

This new release includes one new chapter:

  • Creating Your Own Universal Remote Control

You’ll learn how to receive and how to emit infrared signals using the most popular protocols. You’ll also learn how to control an Arduino using the JavaScript engine of your web browser and you’ll see how to control an Arduino via the Internet using an Ethernet shield.

08 June 2010 B2.0

This new release includes one new chapter:

  • Chapter 8, Networking with Arduino.

You’ll learn how to make your PC’s network connection available to the Arduino. You’ll also learn how to turn the Arduino into an autonomous networking device using an Ethernet shield.

26 May 2010 B1.0

  • First Beta