30 April 2013 P3.0

This version of the book includes the following updates:

  • Added a section about the new PiStore.
  • Added a complete new chapter: Working with Digital and Analog Sensors.
  • Changed the descriptions of the Pi’s LEDs and GPIO pins, so they cover all models and revisions now.
  • Updated the installation instructions for WiringPi.
  • Made sure all samples still run with the latest version of Raspbian.
  • Updated a few screenshots.
  • Fixed all known errata.

06 December 2012 P2.0

  • Fixes all known errata.
  • Covers the new Pi models with 512MB of RAM
  • Explains the new graphical WiFi configuration
  • Shows how to overclock your Pi without voiding your warranty
  • Covers the latest versions Raspbian and its packages

07 August 2012 P1.0

First electronic release.