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  • Reported in: P0 (08-May-07)
PDF page: 182
At the top of the page in the :after_deploy task, a closing double quote is missing on the 'run "patch ...' statement. Another point (which is re-occ...more...
  • Reported in: P0 (08-May-07)
PDF page: 186

I guess an "s" is missing in the word "capitrano" in "require 'capitrano/ext/monitor'" occurring after the first paragraph.--Bart van der Zwet

  • Reported in: P0 (08-May-07)
PDF page: 188
Inside the task :label_version I think "rendeer" should be replaced with "render" in the line 'file = rendeer :template => "#{revision}"'.--Bart van d...more...
  • Reported in: P0 (08-May-07)
PDF page: 191
The colored bar at the bottom of the page is covering footnote text. I witnessed this on more pages, and after looking into it a little I think it is ...more...
  • Reported in: P0 (17-May-07)
PDF page: 191

The 3rd line of footnote 1 is not visible. The name of the article is cut off:
"The End of Software Engineering and the Start of Economic-"

  • Reported in: P0 (17-May-07)
PDF page: 218

There is a link which goes too far to the right from the text box: "Formore on personas, see http..newsletters_personas.asp.