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  • Reported in: B3.0 (30-Nov-19)
PDF page: prefa

Preface : coattails--Navneet Hegde

  • Reported in: B1.0 (27-Oct-19)
Paper page: 67
Is it worth discussing unpredictability of some IBM machines compared to others, perhaps due to overheating? Running identical circuits, I've noticed...more...
  • Reported in: B1.0 (28-Oct-19)
PDF page: 69
When looking at the "epub" version of the book on the Apple "books" app, the sub-numbering of the problem sets doesn't go like 1->a->i. Instead it's j...more...
  • Reported in: B2.0 (23-Nov-19)
PDF page: 156

In epub version on iPad, the "Probability of Collapsing to" equation lines are missing the exponents. The PDF has the correct formulas.--Dale Visser

  • Reported in: B5.0 (11-Jan-20)
  • Fixed: 11-Jan-20, awaiting book release
Paper page: 445

In the first sentence, the classical register for the sixth qubit should c[5] instead of c[6].--Kaoru Hosokawa