16 February 2011 P1.0 (Printing)

  • First Printing

24 January 2011 B11.0

  • Final beta, post-production. Now on to typeset and then to the printer.

30 November 2010 B10.0

  • This version takes into account comments from technical reviews. As such, many chapters have been tweaked slightly.
  • Now on to production and then the printer!

20 October 2010 B9.0

The JavaScript/Ajax chapter has had all references to Blue Ridge removed and replaced with Jasmine. The Cucumber chapter has been brought in line with Cucumber 0.9.5, which mostly involved changes to default behavior. The RSpec chapter now references that RSpec 2.0 is out of beta.

08 October 2010 B8.0

This release includes a new chapter, Performance Testing and Performance Improvement, which contains information on both Rails performance testing and a number of different strategies for speeding up your actual test suite.

07 September 2010 B7.0

A new chapter, RSpec, covers RSpec 2.0. Again, those of you familiar with the Lulu version of the book will find some changes including coverage of more of RSpec’s syntax, and a different approach to how best to use RSpec’s power and flexibility.

15 August 2010 B6.0

One new chapter, Chapter 11, Write Cleaner Tests with Shoulda and Contexts, along with a handful of errata fixes. This chapter is based on Shoulda 2.11.3. Those of you who were familiar with the Lulu version of the book will notice that not only has Shoulda’s syntax changed some, but the entire way Shoulda’s developers place it within the Rails ecosystem has changed. The chapter now places a bit more weight on the style of code that Shoulda enabled, along with covering all of Shoulda’s syntax features.

28 July 2010 B5.0

A new chapter, “Testing a Legacy Application,” has been added.

08 July 2010 B4.0

Two new chapters have been added:

  • Using Rcov to Measure Test Coverage
  • Beyond Coverage: What Makes Good Tests?

The table of contents for Part Six of the book has been restructured a little. A couple of the smaller chapters have been consolidated together. In addition, several errata have been cleared.

24 May 2010 B3.0

The Cucumber chapter is new in this beta. Also several errata have been cleared.

10 May 2010 B2.0

The primary addition for this beta release is two new chapters: Chapter 13, Testing Workflow with Integration Tests, on page 174, and Chapter 14, Clean Up Integration Tests with Webrat, on page 183. The setup appendix, Appendix A, on page 204, has also been reinstated. The Appendix starts the process of converting the book to Rails 3, however the Rails 3 instructions there are not yet complete. Several errata typos noticed on the forum have been cleared.

21 April 2010 B1.0

  • First beta release