10 December 2014 P1.0 (Printing)

First printing.

20 November 2014 B5.0

Production is complete. Layout and the printer are next.

19 September 2014 B4.0

Incorporating changes based on comments from reviewers and submitted errata.

The book is ready for production.

02 September 2014 B3.0

Sorry for the long wait between betas. We’ve got a lot of new things for you.

Three new chapters:

  • Chapter 14, Troubleshooting and Debugging.
  • Chapter 12, Testing External Services.
  • Chapter 16, Testing Legacy Code.

Furthermore, the book has been changed so that RSpec is now the primary library used for examples. Every chapter has been changed at least slightly to accommodate RSpec.

In particular:

  • The tutorial in Chapter 2, Test-Driven Development Basics, and Chapter 3, Test-Driven Rails, is now in RSpec.
  • The other early chapters are now in RSpec. In particular, the Chapter 7, Using Test Doubles as Mocks and Stubs, now uses RSpec rather than Mocha as the library under discussion.
  • Minitest and Mocha specific information has been moved to a new chapter Chapter 9, Minitest.
  • All the chapters after the Minitest chapter were originally written to target both libraries, and still do, but with the emphasis slightly changed.

Minitest fans should know that no information about Minitest is actually gone, and although there are fewer Minitest examples in the book itself, Minitest analogs of all the RSpec code exist in the downloadable sample code for the book.

We’d really appreciate your help in making sure all these changes go smoothly. Please report any errors you see to errata, and any comments you have on the book can go in the book forum at forums.

16 July 2014 B2.0

We have two new chapters for you:

  • Chapter 12, Testing For Security.
  • Chapter 13, Testing External Services.

Bug fixes

10 June 2014 B1.0

Initial beta release.