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  • Reported in: P6.0 (22-Dec-12)
PDF page: 50

Bars above and below "trategy and tactical design" cut into text--Brian maltzan

  • Reported in: P6.0 (19-Jun-13)
PDF page: 63

The user should always to be able to remove an installation safely
and completely—especially in a QA environment.

  • Reported in: P6.0 (25-Jan-12)
PDF page: 176
Anthill A tool that ensures a controlled build process (continuous integration) and promotes the shar...more...
  • Reported in: P6.0 (25-Jan-12)
PDF page: 177
Damage Control A continuous integration tool written in Ruby on Rails. Link is no good--Tim Chamber...more...
  • Reported in: P6.0 (25-Jan-12)
PDF page: 178
Software Project Management Practices: Failure versus Success Capers Jones analyzes the succes...more...