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  • Reported in: P1.0 (20-Nov-10)
PDF page: 25
The commands for creating directories may be incorrect for some users. These commands use http protocol, but it is common for svn to be the only vali...more...
Mike Mason says: Thanks for the feedback. I have to disagree on svn:// being the most common protocol -- in order to get full features such as flexible security and LDAP integration most serious Subversion installations are running on http:// with Apache. The Windows server installers, for example, all include Apache as the default server. I will remember to add a clarification around the error message though, you're right that it's unclear.
  • Reported in: P1.0 (20-Nov-10)
PDF page: 29
This page sets up the user to follow a series of examples, starting with checking out working code, using the mBench sample code. However, you do...more...
Mike Mason says: This is unfortunately one of those "book flow" issues that won't be 100% right for all readers, no matter which way round I do it. If I change the flow of the book, other people will be concerned that there's information they don't need yet. We did go round with reviewers trying to get the flow right, and this is how we ended up with the current structure.
  • Reported in: P1.0 (20-Nov-10)
PDF page: 109
The download URL for collabnet subversion no longer has "server and client" downloads. They currently have "collabnet subversion edge" and "client on...more...
Mike Mason says: Thank you for finding this. It looks like CollabNet changed their download structure since the book went to press. I'll make a short post in the book's forums detailing the current up-to-date methods for installing a server on Windows.