27 April 2016 P1.0 (Printing)

First printing.

05 April 2016 B10.0

Production is complete. Now it’s on to layout and the printer.

16 February 2016 B9.0

The book is content complete and heading to production.

06 February 2016 B8.0

  • Hello, from your Programming Phoenix, one more time! This is our last major beta. In this one, we bring you a chapter on testing OTP and channels Chapter 13, Testing Channels and OTP. In it, you’ll learn how to test the code we wrote in Part 2.
  • We made a bug fix in the channels chapter Chapter 13, Testing Channels and OTP. The application now handles dropped connections.
  • We’ve continued to work on errata, and behind the scenes, we’ve started our production process. While you enjoy this beta chapter, we’ll be working on those polishing details that help us turn a beta book into the final published form.

12 January 2016 B7.0

  • Happy new year. We’ve been busy. Our first order of business was to catch up on errata. For a beta as popular as this one, we’re going to make mistakes, and you’re going to find them. We’ve addressed more than 200 problems.
  • Based on your feedback, we reorganized our Ecto chapters so that they’ll make more sense to new readers.
  • We’ve also updated the code base to reflect Phoenix 1.1 and Elixir 1.2. The changes are minor, but you’ll be able to pull down the code if you want to upgrade.
  • As we prepare for taking the book into production, we’ve started to work on the front matter, to motivate new readers to buy the book, and to appeal to a broader audience.
  • In the next beta, you can expect a chapter on testing OTP applications. Also, since we know we’re not going to get to everything in Phoenix, we want to make sure our readers know what’s out there. We’ve begun working on a wrap up chapter with such details. Some of these features may make it as first-class features in our application.

23 December 2015 B6.0

  • Greetings all, and Merry Early Christmas! We offer you an unplanned chapter called Umbrellas: Chapter 8, Testing MVC. We initially had planned to add the content to the end of the OTP chapter, but one thing led to another, and once again, we just had too much to say.
  • We’re also touching up our testing chapter Chapter 8, Testing MVC. You’ll learn to test views. That story is satisfyingly short. You’ll also test models, breaking those tests into pure and impure tests.
  • We hope this Christmas season finds you well. We sincerely appreciate you.

08 December 2015 B5.0

  • We have bad news and good news. The bad news is that we’re not as close to a finished product as we thought. We added a new chapter: Chapter 8, Testing MVC. We initially had intended to write a single testing chapter, but we decided that we had too much to say for a single chapter. We walk you through testing Phoenix MVC layers. We haven’t settled completely on our approach to test models, but that’s going to come soon. We’ll add a separate testing chapter that will cover both OTP and channels. In the next beta, look for us to patch some gaping holes. For example, we’ll talk about umbrella projects. We’ll also patch up what we’re missing in the first testing chapter. We’ll have one final beta chapter for testing OTP.
  • The good news? With the slight delay, this book will take you all the way to Elixir 1.2 and Phoenix 1.1! You won’t have to pay for the next version of the book.

18 November 2015 B4.0

We added a new chapter: Chapter 10, OTP. We introduce Channels and build a working feature, adding annotations to a video. By the next beta, you’ll have all of the chapters, including the next one on testing. We’re not through by any means, though. We will be adding sections for new Phoenix features and those our readers and reviewers requested. Keep the comments coming!

02 November 2015 B3.0

We added a new chapter: Chapter 9, Using Channels. We introduce Channels and build a working feature, adding annotations to a video. We also addressed more than 90 user comments. Thanks to all users who participated in making this book great!

14 October 2015 B2.0

We added a new chapter: Chapter 8, Watching Videos. We begin to lay the foundation for Channels in the next chapter. We put some finishing touches around videos like adding a YouTube player and slugs for prettier URLs.

29 September 2015 B1.0

Initial beta release.