30 January 2020 B13.0

Copy edit is complete. Code files have been fixed to include the README files.

15 January 2020 B12.0

  • Fixed errata
  • Content-complete and heading to production

08 November 2019 B11.0

  • The last chapter is in! Check out Chapter 20, Into the Deep.

16 October 2019 B10.0

  • Added a new chapter that takes a glance at modern deep learning architectures: Chapter 19, Beyond Vanilla Networks.

17 September 2019 B9.0

  • Added a more detailed explanation of a classifier’s model function: What Happened to the Model Function?
  • Cleaned up explanations and fixed inaccuracies throughout.

21 August 2019 B8.0

  • Added a new chapter about domesticating those wild deep networks: Chapter 18, Taming Deep Networks.
  • Added a few more definitions in Appendix 2, The Words of Machine Learning.

24 July 2019 B7.0

  • Your final confrontation with overfitting awaits you in the new chapter: Chapter 17, Defeating Overfitting.
  • Formulae are nicer, bigger, and better-aligned.

10 July 2019 B6.0

  • Let’s start talking about deep learning! Check out the first chapter of Part III: Chapter 16, A Deeper Kind of Network.
  • Fixed a few errata and a few problems in the code throughout the book.

05 June 2019 B5.0

  • Added the closing chapter of Part II: Chapter 15, Let’s Do Development.
  • Added a few definitions to Appendix 2, The Words of Machine Learning.
  • Fixed figures across the book. Now they’re more readable, especially on smaller screens and on black and white devices.
  • Fixed more errata.

15 May 2019 B4.0

  • I added a new chapter about testing: Chapter 14, The Zen of Testing.
  • The first chapter was missing an important concept. I added a new section to explain the fundamental idea of supervised learning. See The Math Behind the Magic.
  • I revised Chapter 2, Your First Learning Program. Now it has more (and more readable) images, and cleaner explanations.

01 May 2019 B3.0

  • Added a new chapter that covers some essential training techniques: Chapter 13, Batchin’ Up.
  • Added a new appendix that you can use as reference whenever you forget a term: Appendix 2, The Words of Machine Learning.
  • Fixed quite a few errata, unclear statements, and factual errors. Keep
    those errata coming!
  • The high-level introduction in About This Book needed a picture. Now it has it.

10 April 2019 B2.0

  • We have a new chapter! I added Chapter 12, How Classifiers Work.
  • Fixed errata throughout. Thank you to everybody who reported them.
  • Those original “Hands On” boxes were sticking out. I rolled them into the main text.

18 March 2019 P1.0

Initial beta release.