24 March 2020 P1.0 (Printing)

First printing.

09 March 2020 B14.0

  • Production is complete. Now it’s on to layout and the printer.

30 January 2020 B13.0

Copy edit is complete. Code files have been fixed to include the README files.

15 January 2020 B12.0

  • Fixed errata
  • Content-complete and heading to production

08 November 2019 B11.0

  • The last chapter is in! Check out Chapter 20, Into the Deep.

16 October 2019 B10.0

  • Added a new chapter that takes a glance at modern deep learning architectures: Chapter 19, Beyond Vanilla Networks.

17 September 2019 B9.0

  • Added a more detailed explanation of a classifier’s model function: What Happened to the Model Function?
  • Cleaned up explanations and fixed inaccuracies throughout.

21 August 2019 B8.0

  • Added a new chapter about domesticating those wild deep networks: Chapter 18, Taming Deep Networks.
  • Added a few more definitions in Appendix 2, The Words of Machine Learning.

24 July 2019 B7.0

  • Your final confrontation with overfitting awaits you in the new chapter: Chapter 17, Defeating Overfitting.
  • Formulae are nicer, bigger, and better-aligned.

10 July 2019 B6.0

  • Let’s start talking about deep learning! Check out the first chapter of Part III: Chapter 16, A Deeper Kind of Network.
  • Fixed a few errata and a few problems in the code throughout the book.

05 June 2019 B5.0

  • Added the closing chapter of Part II: Chapter 15, Let’s Do Development.
  • Added a few definitions to Appendix 2, The Words of Machine Learning.
  • Fixed figures across the book. Now they’re more readable, especially on smaller screens and on black and white devices.
  • Fixed more errata.

15 May 2019 B4.0

  • I added a new chapter about testing: Chapter 14, The Zen of Testing.
  • The first chapter was missing an important concept. I added a new section to explain the fundamental idea of supervised learning. See The Math Behind the Magic.
  • I revised Chapter 2, Your First Learning Program. Now it has more (and more readable) images, and cleaner explanations.

01 May 2019 B3.0

  • Added a new chapter that covers some essential training techniques: Chapter 13, Batchin’ Up.
  • Added a new appendix that you can use as reference whenever you forget a term: Appendix 2, The Words of Machine Learning.
  • Fixed quite a few errata, unclear statements, and factual errors. Keep
    those errata coming!
  • The high-level introduction in About This Book needed a picture. Now it has it.

10 April 2019 B2.0

  • We have a new chapter! I added Chapter 12, How Classifiers Work.
  • Fixed errata throughout. Thank you to everybody who reported them.
  • Those original “Hands On” boxes were sticking out. I rolled them into the main text.

18 March 2019 P1.0

Initial beta release.