14 September 2010 P7.0 (Printing)

  • Seventh Printing

26 May 2010 P6.0 (Printing)

  • Sixth Printing

02 February 2010 P5.0 (Printing)

  • Fifth Printing

03 December 2009 P4.0 (Printing)

  • Fourth Printing

18 March 2009 P1.0 (Printing)

This is the version corresponding to the first (paper) printing of the book.

The printed book is based on Rails 2.2.2. Rails 2.3 came out just when the trucks arrived with the books, so Sam is maintaining a list of changes at http://pragprog.wikidot.com/changes-in-rails-2-3


26 January 2009 B1.10

Basically an errata fix pass. The index has been updated, and we’re about to go to copy edit. After that, layout, and then off to the printer.

07 January 2009 B1.9

Mostly errata fixes.

In the I18N chapter, I’ve renamed locales from en-US to en and es-ES to es, to match Rails 2.2.2 defaults.

The book goes off to indexing this week.

02 January 2009 B1.8

We’re getting close to the final form of the book.

  • Capistrano back in Deployment chapter, based on git and Passenger
  • Errata sweep, including many code truncation issues
  • Code listings appendix updated to include i18n changes

The book still has many layout issues: these won’t be addressed until the content has stabilized.

26 December 2008 B1.7

  • Internationalization: updated to 2.2.2
  • Etag support
  • ActionController::Benchmarking: benchmark and silence
  • Mime::Type.register “image/jpg”, :jpg
  • ActionController::Rescue
  • ActionView::Helpers::AssetTagHelper (asset timestamps / ExpiresDefault)
  • ActionView::Helpers::FormHelper.label
  • ActionView::Helpers::FormHelper (document check_box gotcha?)
  • ActionView::Helpers::RecordTagHelper (content_tag_for, div_for)
  • ActionView::Helpers::JavaScriptHelper (escape_javascript)
  • ActionView::Helpers::FormOptionsHelper (options for select, options_from_collection_for_select, time_zone_options_for_select,time_zone_select )
  • ActionView::Helpers::FormTagHelper (Most methods)
  • RequestProfiler (covered as script/profile)
  • ActionView::Helpers::BenchmarkHelper
  • ActionView::Helpers::TextHelper (auto_link, current_cycle, reset_cycle, textilze_without_paragraph, word_wrap)
  • ActionView::Helpers::UrlHelper (current_page?)
  • ActionView::Template(format_and_extension mime_type multipart? path_without_extension path_without_format_and_extension relative_path) => content_type
  • ActiveRecord::Aggregations::ClassMethods (constructor and converter); Finding records by a value object
  • ActiveRecord::Associations::ClassMethods (after_add)
  • ActiveRecord::Associations::ClassMethods (Table Aliasing) (book documents :joins as a sql string, but it can also be a symbol or a hash.
  • ActiveRecord::Locking::Optimistic::ClassMethods (locking_column locking_enabled? quoted_locking_column reset_locking_column update_counters_with_lock ) ==> set_locking_column
  • config.active_record.timestamped_migrations = false
  • ActiveRecord::Migration.say_with_time ==> ActiveRecord::Migration.verbose
  • ActiveRecord::NamedScope (.all and .scoped)
  • ActiveRecord::NamedScope::ClassMethods, ActiveRecord::NamedScope::Scope
  • ActiveRecord::QueryCache
  • ActiveRecord::Rollback
  • ActiveResource::Connection (password=, site=, timeout=, user=)
  • ActiveSupport::CoreExtensions::Array::Access
  • ActiveSupport::CoreExtensions::Array::RandomAccess
  • ActiveSupport::CoreExtensions::Date::Calculations::ClassMethods (current)
  • ActiveSupport::CoreExtensions::Date::Conversions (xmlschema)
  • ActiveSupport::CoreExtensions::DateTime::Calculations
  • ActiveSupport::CoreExtensions::DateTime::Conversions
  • ActiveSupport::CoreExtensions::Float::Rounding
  • ActiveSupport::CoreExtensions::Hash::DeepMerge
  • ActiveSupport::CoreExtensions::Hash::Diff
  • ActiveSupport::CoreExtensions::Hash::Except
  • ActiveSupport::CoreExtensions::Hash::Keys
  • ActiveSupport::CoreExtensions::Hash::ReverseMerge
  • ActiveSupport::CoreExtensions::Hash::Slice
  • squish squish!
  • ActiveSupport::CoreExtensions::Time::Calculations
  • Mailer layouts behaves just like controller layouts, except layout names need to have ‘_mailer’ postfix for them to be automatically picked up.
  • caching: is layout=>false documented?
  • sub templates (ActionView::Base)
  • ActionView::Partials (Rendering partials with layouts)
  • rake db:migrate redo ?
  • Enumerable.many? (== collection.size > 1)
  • each_with_object
  • javascript_include_tag and stylesheet_link_tag support a new :recursive option to be used along with :all, so that you can load an entire tree of files with a single line of code.
  • config.action_controller.user_accept_header = true
  • map.resources :only :except
  • method arrays for member or collection routes
  • shallow route nesting
  • find_last_by_
  • find_by…!
  • ActiveSupport::Freezable
  • ActiveSupport::CoreExtensions::Time::Zones
  • ActiveSupport::CoreExtensions::Time::Zones::ClassMethods
  • ActiveSupport::CoreExtensions::String::Multibyte
  • ActiveRecord::Dirty

23 September 2008 B1.6

  • Chapter 25 has been rewritten to focus on Active Resources.
  • A “Preview of Rails 2.2” section has been added
  • There’s a new chapter of Internationalization.

Over 200 people have contributed by submitted errata, and Charlie O’Keefe’s careful reading in particular is deeply appreciated.

18 August 2008 B1.5

Tidy up many reported errata. No new technical content.

11 August 2008 B1.4

All chapters, with the exception of Web Services which is likely to be replaced by a chapter on ActiveResource, have been updated to work with Rails 2.1. A The next push will be updating for Rails 2.2 in time for RailsConf Europe. This will be the version of Rails covered in the print book.

04 June 2008 B1.3

Following the announcement of Rails 2.1 this weekend, the book has been updated to use 2.1 features. It’s an important set of changes as (for example) migrations have changes, and route caching means that the application now needs to be restarted at times during development.

This release also address a number of errata.

28 May 2008 B1.2

Five new chapters were updated to Rails 2.0: Depot Administration, three chapters on ActiveResource, and the chapter on routing and URLs. Numerous errata and a number of forum comments were addressed. In particular, installation instructions on Mac OS X Tiger were updated. A number of screenshot images were refreshed.

14 May 2008 B1.1

  • a large number of errata have been addressed
  • feedback from the forum has been incorporated (thank you)
  • three additional chapters have been migrated to Rails 2: Rails in Depth, Active Support, and Migrations.

23 April 2008 B1.0

First beta release