19 May 2017 P2.0 (Printing)

Rails baseline was updated from to 5.0.2; 71 errata fixes, mostly cosmetic. Notable fixes include:

  • convenience bundle updated to include more images
  • location of effect-blind to reflect newer release of jquery-ui
  • changed test for AdminController to reflect admin_url change
  • added locale to paths in the I18n chapter
  • encryption example rewritten

27 September 2016 P1.0 (Printing)

First printing.

12 September 2016 B6.0

Minor updates for Rails Dozens of errata fixed—most notably a change to how the Products channel is generated. Deployment was updated to make use of Capistrano version 3. A full production pass has been made through the book, including editorial and indexing. Layout and the printer are next.

27 June 2016 B5.0

Minor updates for Rails 5.0.0.rc2. Ten errata fixed – most notably a number of updates to tests. Additional background provided on the evolution of the term ’Agile’ and how it applies to this book. Additional information on how to run Rails on Cloud9 was added.

09 June 2016 B4.0

New forward by David Heinemeier Hansson – creator of Ruby on Rails.
Updates for Rails 5.0.0.rc1; sixteen errata fixed; numerous small changes to bring things up to current best practices (e.g. rescue_from and .try are now covered). Kaminari now works with Rails 5.0.
There also were style changes to the store and updates to the book selection list.

05 May 2016 B3.0

Updates for Rails 5.0.0.beta4 and Ubuntu 16.04, and two errata fixed.

20 April 2016 B2.0

11 errata reported and fixed (3 technical/substantive changes, the remainder minor/typo).

05 April 2016 B1.0

Initial beta release.