21 July 2017 B5.0

  • New section on deployments with Heroku.
  • Removed dependence on jQuery. CSS Animations are now being used for highlighting changes.
  • Reworked the Preface for the new version of Rails.
  • Addressed errata.

05 July 2017 B4.0

  • New Chapter 25, “Customizing and Extending Rails.” The former last chapter in the book “Where to Go from Here” has also been merged with this new chapter.
  • Addressed errata

20 June 2017 B3.0

  • New section on Active Job in Chapter 14.
  • Section on system testing when sending email and queuing background jobs.
  • Addressed errata

31 May 2017 B2.0

Addition of the chapter “Task K: Internationalization”, which includes translation of the React JavaScript application using the i18n-js library. Code throughout the book has been updated to Rails 5.1.1 and WebPacker 2.0. 11 other errata have been fixed.

09 May 2017 B1.0

Initial beta release.