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  • Reported in: P1.0 (30-Jul-11)
PDF page: vi
Copyeditor is listed as Kim Wimpsett. I thought Molly McBeath was the copyeditor for this one. (The number of people who care might be countable on on...more...
  • Reported in: P1.0 (12-May-12)
PDF page: 5

The image of Figure 1 on the iPad only show the bars in blue and green. No labels or legend. They are blacked out.--Jonathan Lim

  • Reported in: P1.0 (13-Feb-12)
PDF page: 17
There is a typo at the top of the page, in the Joe Asks box, so this: "the test/ directory, refixed with test_, to similarly named files in the lib...more...
  • Reported in: P1.0 (19-Oct-11)
PDF page: 19
In the initial creation of the user2.1_spec.rb, the line: require 'user' should be used just after the the spec_helper require line, in order fo...more...
  • Reported in: P1.0 (12-May-12)
PDF page: 20
Of course, the User class doesn’t exist yet, so the failure of this test will drive us to create it: There is no test yet - we have only written a ...more...
  • Reported in: P1.0 (12-May-12)
PDF page: 26

But it’s essential that we not leave the test in this state.

s/this/that/--Jonathan Lim

  • Reported in: P1.0 (19-Nov-11)
PDF page: 31

Refixed. -> prefixed--Brian maltzan

  • Reported in: P1.0 (20-Oct-11)
PDF page: 45
Three lines from the bottom on page 45 there is the commnad line to create the gem: $ jeweler --rspec --gemcutter --create-repo autotest-stats w...more...
  • Reported in: P1.0 (20-Oct-11)
PDF page: 47

On line 4 from the top the line:

...Firing up autospec ...

shouldn't that be:
...Firing up autotest ...--Kosmas Chatzimichalis

  • Reported in: P1.0 (12-Nov-11)
PDF page: 81
You write the following: ":But first, we have to add it to our Gemfile: $ gem install watchr" Probably meant add it to the GemFile and then u...more...
  • Reported in: P1.0 (24-Oct-11)
PDF page: 82
As the watcher script file can be named everything we want, wouldn't it be a better idea to have the watchr script file (rails.watchr), named with .rb...more...
  • Reported in: P1.0 (24-Oct-11)
PDF page: 88
Would it be a good idea to replace the Spork + Watchr automation with Spork + Guard automation, as Guard seems to be more recently updated? It also u...more...
  • Reported in: P1.0 (22-Jul-11)
Paper page: 88
At the bottom of the page in the "Automating Spork with Watchr", you say "To start out, let's add some watch() for RSpec specs:" and you don't give an...more...
  • Reported in: B4.0 (30-May-11)
PDF page: 91
"So if we restart Watchr and make a change to one of our specs (say, gro- cery_list_spec.rb), we get output that looks like this: Finished in 0.00239...more...
Ben Rady says: The watch('^spec/(.*)_spec\.rb') { |m| run_test_matching(m[1]) } call in the rails.watchr file is intended to handle this case. Is there a problem with that call?

Stuff To Be Considered in the Next Edition

  • Reported in: B2.0 (10-Feb-11)
PDF page: 0

It will be better using "bundler" instead of "jeweler".

  • Reported in: B2.0 (07-Dec-10)
PDF page: 16
I am a newbie to ruby which means I have to follow your book step by step. From page 16, I execute the below two commands with no problem: % gem ...more...
  • Reported in: B1.0 (02-Oct-10)
PDF page: 89
"One great way to create a feedback loop for views in our web application is to turn over responsibility for refreshing the browser to our continuous ...more...