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The latest version of the book is B5.0, released about 1 month ago. If you've bought a PDF of the book and would like to upgrade it to this version (for free), visit your home page.

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  • Typo
  • Tech. error
  • Suggestion
  • Maybe next edition
  • Not a problem
  • Reported in: B4.0 (22-May-17)
  • Fixed: 26-May-17, awaiting book release
PDF page: 105
In pdf page 105, the it block in the getting_the_words_right.rb is the following expect(gadget.slices?).to be_true But I think it should be ...more...
Myron Marston says: Thanks for reporting this! As it happens, that snippet has already been replaced with a completely different one.
  • Reported in: B5.0 (15-Jun-17)
  • Fixed: 15-Jun-17, awaiting book release
PDF page: 108
At the bottom of the page: Add the following specs inside the RSpec.describe block in spec/integration/api_spec.rb Fix: the path should be 'spec/i...more...
Myron Marston says: Good catch! Thanks for reporting this.
  • Reported in: B5.0 (18-Jun-17)
PDF page: 192
Paper page: 183
The downloaded file data_generator_spec.rb has incorrect method name(typo). The line 105 of data_generator_spec.rb is the following expect(user...more...
  • Reported in: B5.0 (18-Jun-17)
PDF page: 194
Paper page: 185
Typo in downloaded data_generator_spec.rb is found in the book, too. expect(users).to all_match_the_shape_of_user_record should be expect(us...more...