28 January 2013 P2.0 (Printing)

Second printing. For a complete list of updates and fixes, please see errata.

14 May 2012 P1.0 (Printing)

First Printing.

11 April 2012 B6.0

We made B5.0 errata fixes, and it’s been indexed and copy edited. Now on to layout and then the printer.

17 February 2012 B5.0

We made B4.0 errata fixes and it’s now ready for indexing and copyedit.

25 January 2012 B4.0

  • We’ve added the CouchDB chapter: Chapter 6, CouchDB. This is the second document datastore we cover. In it, you’ll learn Couch’s unique slant on the datastore problem, it’s power, strengths, and weaknesses. The seven databases are all included.
  • We added tool metaphors, to tie together the database chapters.
  • We also made some beta 3.0 errata fixes.

13 January 2012 B3.0

  • We’ve added Chapter 8, Redis. This chapter introduces the Redis key/value store, and wraps up the book by guiding you through a Node.js polyglot persistence server.
  • We also made several beta 2.0 errata fixes.

19 December 2011 B2.0

  • We’ve added a new chapter: Chapter 9, Wrapping Up. This takes all of the concepts we learned in the previous chapters and covers each database’s strengths and weaknesses in relation to the rest. We follow it all up with a big table that compares them (literally) side-by-side on several dimensions.
  • We also made several changes based on tech reviews, and many beta 1.0

29 November 2011 B1.0

Initial Beta Release.