19 January 2020 P1.0 (Printing)

First printing.

26 December 2019 B8.0

Production is complete. Now it’s on to layout and the printer.

21 November 2019 B7.0

  • Tested and updated all example code for the most recent version of Scala Native available, 0.4.0-M2.
  • Added “A Note on Versions” in the Preface.
  • Added a Foreword.
  • The book is content-complete and heading to production.

06 June 2019 B6.0

  • Added Chapter 10, Where Do We Go From Here? In this final chapter, we tie together the themes explored throughout the book as we extend the HTTP framework even further.

30 April 2019 B5.0

  • Added Chapter 9, Durability: An Embedded Key-Value Database with LMDB. Here we explore how Scala Native can provide a fresh, new approach to durable, transactional storage.

15 April 2019 B4.0

  • Added Chapter 8, Streaming with Pipes and Files, in which we investigate another aspect of asynchronous programs—streams—as we adapt libuv’s facilities for terminal and file I/O to our framework.

12 March 2019 B3.0

  • Added Chapter 7, Functions and Futures: Patterns for Distributed Services, which builds on the previous chapter by adding an asynchronous HTTP client based on libcurl and takes a deep dive into the guts of Scala concurrency.

20 February 2019 B2.0

  • Added Chapter 6, Doing IO Right, with Event Loops. In this chapter, we look at the asynchronous IO techniques used by modern server frameworks and adapt the server program we’ve been working on to see if we can match or surpass them in performance.
  • Updated the instructions for installing Gatling in Performance Testing with Gatling.

29 January 2019 B1.0

Initial beta release.