15 January 2014 P2.0 (Printing)

  • Updated the code to use Graphics 2.0.
  • Added the declarations of missing variables at some points in the text.
  • Added extra explanations to the chapters accompanying code listings.

19 November 2013 P1.0 (Printing)

First printing.

19 November 2013 P1.0

First printing.

16 September 2013 B6.0

Production is complete. Now it’s on to layout and the printer.

25 August 2013 B5.0

Indexing is complete.

05 August 2013 B4.0

Copyediting is complete and indexing is next.

29 July 2013 B3.0

We’ve fixed more errata and the book is now content-complete and headed off to production.

20 May 2013 B2.0

  • Added the preface.
  • Added Chapter 12 (Publishing and Ads).
  • Extended Chapter 11 (Physics).
  • We’ve fixed errata and added explanations suggested by our hands-on readers. Thanks for providing so much feedback in the forums!

23 April 2013 B1.0

Initial beta release.