P1.0 (Printing) - 28 September 2010

  • First Printing

B7.0 - 27 August 2010

  • Final beta before typeset and printing.

B6.0 - 02 August 2010

We’re done!

We’ve added a new chapter which wraps up the book, suggesting the top ten things to remember when developing for the iPad. We’ve fixed outstanding errata, polished some text, and now it’s off to production.

B5.0 - 19 June 2010

We’ve added two new chapters, one on working with documents, the other on interacting with multiple devices (iPhone, iPods, and iPads all talking to each other). We’ve updated the material on coordinating the animations of different parts of a view when the device is rotated. There’s a new section on saving drawings as PDF files, and the split view controller chapter now describes a detailed approach to working with device-specific nibs and view controllers.

The book is now content complete, and will be going into production shortly. So, we’d like to ask all of you for a big favor. Please help us make this book as good as it can be by reporting errors and describing areas where it is unclear.

B4.0 - 11 May 2010

The iPad provides a lot of interesting use cases for putting content on an external display. In a new chapter we take you through sensing when a display is connected, and how to get content to it.

We’ve also added a chapter on custom drawing that shows you how to use the C based APIs as well as the new UIBezierPath class.

B3.0 - 05 May 2010

  • New material on custom text input: custom keyboards and ornamenting a standard keyboard
  • How to keep gestures from conflicting with each other

B2.0 - 26 April 2010

  • New chapter that shows you how and when to use a popover and how closely it’s related to the modal view you used in iPhone development.
  • Expanded and split the Movie Player chapter in two, to implement a complete playback controller. This brings together player state, notifications, video subviews and some animation tricks to make it all look nice.

B1.0 - 03 April 2010

  • FIrst beta