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  • Reported in: B1.0 (24-Sep-15)
Paper page: vi
In the .epub version of the book, any bulletted list items have an extremely small line spacing that makes the text almost unreadable. If it helps, I'...more...
  • Reported in: P1.0 (27-May-16)
PDF page: 4
The initial example says "To log the x-and y coordinates of mouse clicks we could write something like this" The code says document.body.addEve...more...
  • Reported in: P1.0 (28-Jul-16)
PDF page: 20
It shuld be made clear that the value produced by reduce is emitted only when the source sequence completes. I found this picture here more accurate: ...more...
  • Reported in: P1.0 (20-Dec-15)
PDF page: 37

first returned value is 2 ie 1 * 2 = 2 not 1--Enric Ribas

Sergi Mansilla says: Where is the code you are referring to? I can't find it on page 37
  • Reported in: P2.0 (30-Jul-17)
PDF page: 62
Hi, I use latest release Rx (5.1.1). Original (HeroShots implementation): ".distinctUntilChanged(function(shot) { return shot.timestamp; })" but...more...
  • Reported in: P2.0 (30-Sep-16)
Paper page: 96

The animation loop code seems to include an unintended code change from:
star.y += star.size;
star.y += 3;--Jeremy Larter

  • Reported in: P2.0 (30-Sep-16)
Paper page: 112
Perhaps add a note about the cycle.js author's name: "Staltz is just a nickname I use on the web since 2004. My real name is André Medeiros, but I try...more...