11 February 2015 P1.0 (Printing)

First printing.

21 January 2015 B6.0

Production is complete. Now it’s on to layout and the printer.

18 November 2014 B5.0

Final draft complete and heading to production.

20 October 2014 B4.0

We’ve added a new chapter: Controlling Cucumber. This chapter describes how to modify Cucumber’s behaviour using options and the various methods of providing options to Cucumber, as well as the precedence of them. It also covers integrating Cucumber with build tools and unit test frameworks.

We have also updated the preface and introduced the Appendix on choosing which version of Cucumber to use.

03 October 2014 B3.0

We’ve added a new chapter: Working with a REST Web Service. This chapter describes techniques for working with a REST service. Although it is based on a similar chapter from the original book, there has been a lot of rework incorporating Java libraries and practices.

We have also introduced the Appendix on Installing Cucumber.

There have been some modifications of the text, replacing ’Cucumber-JVM’ with ’Cucumber’.

17 September 2014 B2.0

We’ve added a new chapter: Keeping Your Features Fast. This chapter describes techniques for keeping your scenarios running quickly. It discusses the common testing pyramid metaphor as well as introduces the newer testing iceberg. We also look at several approaches that allow you to vary how much of the application your scenarios actually exercise.

We’ve also been through some of the earlier chapters making sure the instructions are Windows-friendly.

03 September 2014 B1.0

Initial beta release.