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Pragmatic Version Control using Subversion (2nd edition)


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Pragmatic Version Control using Subversion (2nd edition)


Revised content to reflect all the major changes to Subversion 1.3
New chapter on Subversion’s optional file locking to help you manage unmergeable binary files
New sections covering path-based security for both the svnserve and Apache networking servers
New advanced topics chapter covering programmatic access to Subversion and advanced repository management.

Customer Reviews

I’m a long-time user of CVS, and I’ve been skeptical of Subversion, wondering if it would ever be “ready for prime time”. Until now. Thanks to Mike Mason for writing a clear, concise, gentle introduction to this new tool. After reading this book, I’m actually excited about the possibilities for version control that Subversion brings to the table.

- David Rupp

Sr. Software Engineer, Great-West Life & Annuity

I expected a lot, but you surprised me with even more. Having used CVS for years I hesitated to try Subversion until now, although I knew it would solve many of the shortcomings of CVS. After reading your book, my excuses to stay with CVS disappeared. Oh, and coming from the Pragmatic Bookshelf this book is fun to read too. Thanks Mike.

- Steffen Gemkow

Managing Director, ObjectFab GmbH

Thank you very much for an excellent, well-written series. I’m especially happy with the Subversion book, since one of my tasks at my job is to evaluate alternatives to Visual SourceSafe. Your book helped me get up and running with Subversion in Windows in a single evening in front of the television, and I’m looking forward to finishing the book this week.

- Rob Wright

Merchandise Software Architect, Musictoday, LLC

Well done on this book. I like the fact that you included pointers all along to help folks transition from CVS. Ever pragmatic!

- Andrew Binstock

Analyst, Author and Columnist, Pacific Data Works

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About this Title

Pages: 248
Published: 2006-05-01
Release: P3.1 (2009-11-09)
ISBN: 978-0-9776-1665-7

With this book, you will:
Keep all project assets (not just source code) safe, and never run the risk of losing a great idea
Know how to undo bad decisions—even directories and symlinks are versioned
Learn how to share code safely, and work in parallel for maximum efficiency
Install Subversion using an Apache webserver or standalone server
Network and organize your repository effectively
Manage 3rd party code safely
Use all the latest Subversion 1.3 features including locking and path-based security, and much more!

What You Need

Subversion 1.3


Mike Mason is a consultant with ThoughtWorks, developing enterprise applications for Global 1000 companies. As a developer, coach, and Agile/XP proponent, he relies on version control best practices to get the job done. Mike has extensive experience of leading version control systems, including Subversion, CVS and Perforce.