28 January 2014 P1.0 (Printing)

First printing.

09 January 2014 B8.0

Production is complete. Layout and the printer are next.

04 December 2013 B7.0

Indexing is complete.

19 November 2013 B6.0

Copy edit is complete. Indexing is next.

11 November 2013 B5.0

The book is content-complete. Now it’s off to production.

03 November 2013 B4.0

  • Added Chapter 7, Sound In User Experience
  • Added Chapter 10, Your Journey Begins…

15 October 2013 B3.0

  • Added Chapter 8, Exporting Sounds for a Web Game
  • Added a section to the introduction covering other recommended software
  • Mentioned the type of legal issues to be aware of when using third party extensions in Chapter 9

27 September 2013 B2.0

  • Added Chapter 6, Creating Effects: Swords!
  • Adressed all errata to date
  • Clarified a few paragraphs in Chapter 3 in response to errata and reviewer input
  • Pure Data abbreviation standardized to Pd
  • The abstractions lfo.pd and adsr.pd are now lfo~.pd and adsr~.pd, following Pd conventions instead of fighting against them
  • Added inlets to lfo abstraction to set rate and depth
  • Added a figure illustrating the envelope

10 September 2013 B1.0

Initial beta.