27 September 2010 P2.0 (Printing)

  • Second Printing

03 March 2010 P1.0 (Printing)

  • First printing

02 February 2010 B7.0

  • Final beta before typeset and printing

21 December 2009 B6.0

The book’s final chapter is included in this beta, along with two appendices: one is on installing Xcode, the other is on writing software for the iPhone.

All three of these are fairly recent and should be treated as drafts. The references made to other books and online sources are not yet correctly formatted, and some of the links given in footnotes don’t work correctly if clicked from the pdf. These issues will obviously be fixed for the next release.

09 December 2009 B5.0

  • Beta 5 adds a substantial chapter to the book, covering events and user interaction, delegation, notifications, and archiving.

12 November 2009 B4.0

  • New chapter, “All About Views”

30 September 2009 B3.0

This Beta includes a new chapter, entitled Objects, Encapsulation and MVC.

Earlier chapters have also been updated with errata, submitted online by readers. Thank you!

21 September 2009 B2.0

Chapter 8 has been updated with some editorial changes, Xcode 3.2 differences, and refreshed images. Chapter 9 has some alterations, code inconsistencies corrected, and a new section of text about the perils of using uninitialized object pointers in conditional statements. Chapter 10 has a few minor changes. All three of these chapters now have code available from the book’s website.

17 September 2009 B1.0