P2.0 (Printing) - 02 November 2014

Internal updates for improved e-reader compatibility and consistency across platforms.

P1.0 (Printing) - 08 November 2010

  • First Printing

B6.0 - 29 September 2010

  • Final beta, post-production. Now, on to typeset and then to the printer.

B5.0 - 30 August 2010

Content Complete and headed to production.

B4.0 - 27 June 2010

  • Chapter 25, Harness the Converted, explains how to enlist the people you’ve converted to help in the process.
  • Chapter 26, Sway Management, explains why and how to enlist support from management.
  • Chapter 27, Final Thoughts, wraps it all up.

B3.0 - 03 June 2010

This release includes one new chapter on techniques:

• Chapter 19, Create Something Compelling, explains how to create indirect pressure on people to use your technique by requiring its use in a compelling offering.

And three new chapters on strategy:

• Chapter 20, Simple Not Easy, sets up the strategy part, and gives you a broad outline of how to apply techniques to skeptics. • Chapter 21, Ignore the Irrational, explains how to not let the irrational eat up your time. • Chapter 22, Target the Willing, explains in what general order you should approach your skeptics.

B2.0 - 26 April 2010

Beta 2 contains three new chapters on techniques:

  • Chapter 16, Get Publicity, explains how to get both internal and external attention for your innovations, and use that attention against skeptics.
  • Chapter 17, Focus on Synergy, explains how you can latch on to a business problem and solve it with your technique, killing two birds with one stone.
  • Chapter 18, Build a Bridge, explains how you can technically meet people halfway and use that to overcome opposition.

B1.0 - 07 April 2010

  • First beta