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  • Reported in: P7.0 (03-Jun-10)
PDF page: 1

"prepared exclusively for Ren" misses the mark - I do not know Ren.--Rene V. Jansen

  • Reported in: P7.0 (19-Feb-11)
PDF page: 29

...don't want TO TO include that...--denis clot

  • Reported in: P4.0 (19-Mar-14)
Paper page: 33
says: "It is usually a good idea to start off a new project by always inheriting from your own custom base class instead of the JUnit class" This s...more...
  • Reported in: P7.0 (23-Apr-11)
Paper page: 53
In the description of the invariant for the MyStack class the authors write "However we manipulate the index variable next_index, one thing is suppose...more...

Stuff To Be Considered in the Next Edition

  • Reported in: P4.0 (12-Sep-06)
Paper page: 76
I was doing exercize 7 on page 76 and found that the tests do not cover pause. In fact, I left pause unimplemented and the tests pass. I suggest addin...more...