04 January 2012 P1.0 (Printing)

First Printing.

01 December 2011 B5.0

Since the jQuery team no longer plans to support the jQuery Templates library, we’ve removed references to it from this book and replaced jQuery Templates with Mustache, a very similar, and very popular, templating language. We also changed these recipes which used jQuery Templates, replacing them with Mustache:

  • Recipe 11, Displaying Information with Endless Pagination
  • Recipe 12, State-Aware Ajax
  • Recipe 14, Organizing Code with Backbone.js
  • Recipe 20, Building a Status Site with JavaScript and CouchDB
  • Recipe 29, Cleaner JavaScript with CoffeeScript

We’ve updated Recipe 13, Snappier Client-Side Interfaces with Knockout.js to Knockout 1.3.0, and thanks to some new features, we’re able to show the same example without using a templating library. In addition to these rewrites, you’ll find quite a few grammatical fixes, as well as a handy index. We also updated jQuery to 1.7 whereever we could and made sure that jQuery Mobile now uses the 1.0 final release. We’re almost across the finish line.

Now, it’s on to layout and then the printer.

18 October 2011 B4.0

Our wonderful technical reviewers gave us some great feedback which we’ve incorporated into this revision.

In Recipe 17, Building a Simple Contact Form, we fixed a logic error in the PHP code, and in Recipe 24, Creating Interfaces With jQuery Mobile, we changed the example project so it works properly with the current release of jQuery Mobile. In Recipe 29, Cleaner JavaScript with CoffeeScript, you’ll find an expanded section that briefly explains other benefits of CoffeeScript. We’ve also fixed numerous typos, code-formatting issues, and style issues.

Please keep the errata and feedback coming!

20 September 2011 B3.0

The book is now content-complete. All 42 recipes are here, including:

  • Recipe 17, Building a Simple Contact Form
  • Recipe 22, Touch-Responsive Dropdown Menus
  • Recipe 21, Targeting Mobile Devices
  • Recipe 25, Using Sprites With CSS
  • Recipe 16, Creating Charts and Graphs with Highcharts
  • Recipe 24, Using jQuery Mobile
  • Recipe 31, Debugging JavaScript
  • Recipe 34, Cucumber-Driven Selenium Testing
  • Recipe 35, Testing JavaScript with Jasmine
  • Recipe 38, Changing Web Server Configuration Files with Vim
  • Recipe 41, Rewriting URLs to Preserve Links
  • Recipe 40, Securing Your Content

We’ve also addressed all the errata. Your feedback helps us make this book even better, so please keep posing errata and questions on the forum at the book’s web site.

31 August 2011 B2.0

This release features a few new recipes for you to enjoy:

  • Recipe 1, Styling Buttons and Links
  • Recipe 2, Styling Quotes with CSS
  • Recipe 5, Creating and Styling Inline Help Dialogs
  • Recipe 26, Rapid, Responsive Design with Grid Systems
  • Recipe 27, Creating A Simple Blog with Jekyll
  • Recipe 23, Mobile Drag and Drop

You’ll find some small changes throughout the book as well, based on your valuable feedback in the book’s errata. Please keep that coming!

15 August 2011 B1.0

First Beta