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Add unit tests which add unique products and duplicate products. Note that you will need to modify the fixture to refer to products and carts by name, for example product: ruby.

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Long says

My attempt:

In test/unit/cart_test.rb: def new_cart_with_one_product(product_name) cart = Cart.create cart.add_product(products(product_name).id) cart end test 'cart should create a new line item when adding a new product' do cart = new_cart_with_one_product(:one) assert_equal 1, cart.line_items.count # Add a new product cart.add_product(products(:ruby).id) assert_equal 2, cart.line_items.count end test 'cart should update an existing line item when adding an existing product' do cart = new_cart_with_one_product(:one) # Re-add the same product cart.add_product(products(:one).id) assert_equal 1, cart.line_items.count end h4. Arun says I am doubtful whether the question was about creating a new and duplicate line items or products. I thought the answer is along the lines of test "unique_product_should_be_saved" product = => "unique-title", :description => "a unique product", :image_url => "unique.png", :price => 22) assert end test "non_unique_product_should_error_out" product = => "unique-title", :description => "a unique product", :image_url => "unique.png", :price => 22) assert ! assert_equal "has not been saved since it is a duplicate ", product.errors[:title].join('; ') end