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Add your favorite new language to the list, along with why you think it’s cool and worthy.

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  • Groovy – A powerful dynamic language for the JVM. It has the lowest barrier to entry for the millions of existing Java developers.
  • Actionscript 3—Modular language like javascript (but much more advanced) based on ECMAScript growing in popularity and getting more popular everyday
  • Clojure—it’s like Lisp, only better
  • Factor—a stack-based language for the new millennium
  • Haskell—Static Typing as if you meant it and functional programming at its purest
  • Javascript—runs in more places than any other language
  • Python—mature, simple, defacto scripting language of the future
  • Scala—all the buzz at JavaCon this year
  • Erlang—concurrency made easy
  • E—understanding object-capability will transform how you think about safety v.s. power
  • Prolog—it’ll blow your mind (if you can understand it)
  • Lua—JavaScript competitor in game sector
  • Common Lisp—everything since copies some of its best ideas
  • Objective-C—C with s-expressions and the object-model is so much like Ruby
  • Forth—Stack-based functional language
  • AppleScript—equal parts fun & frustrating, mysterious scoping, and rules that bend with every application
  • C—because we all know what’s in the books, but in the real world it always looks WAY different
  • Perl—the camel’s back has yet to be broken
  • COBOL—all caps all the time
  • OCaml
  • Ruby—Simple and elegant, the way O-O was meant to be
  • F#—functional and OO on the CLR. OCaml derivative for .NET “corporate” programmer types
  • Bad English—The #1 language for specification and prototyping (for example on the most popular slides virtual machines).
  • Another vote for Clojure and/or Forth – Two very different languages (I haven’t any experience with Forth, but would like to know more)
  • C—after a decade in Java, and dalliances with scripting languages, I have found myself inexplicably in love again with its blunt directness and concreteness.
  • A dataflow language – Labview, Oz, etc

Are we assuming that the audience already knows C, Java (or C#), and Ruby?

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