Looking for the Rails 3.0 version of these exercises (Script.aculo.us/Prototype based)?

Activity 1

The cart is currently hidden when the user empties it by redrawing the entire catalog. Can you change the application to use the jQuery UI blind effect instead? Discuss

Hint: After the call to hide the #cart<code>.total_line</code> for removal. h4. Activity 2 Add a button next to each item in the cart. When clicked, it should invoke an action to decrement the quantity of the item, deleting it from the cart when the quantity reaches zero. Get it working without using Ajax first, and then add the Ajax goodness. "Discuss":http://pragprog.com/wikis/wiki/Pt-F-2-31 *Hint* start by "adding a member route":http://guides.rubyonrails.org/routing.html#adding-member-routes to <code>post 'decrement'</code> on <code>:line_items</code>.not method to select all of the rows except the