Get HTML, XML, and JSON formatted views working for who_bought requests. Experiment with including the order information in the XML view by rendering @product.to_xml(:include => :orders). Do the same thing for JSON. Discuss

What happens if you click the “Checkout” button in the sidebar while the checkout screen is already displayed? Can you find a way to disable the button in this circumstance? (Hint: variables set in the controller are available in layouts and partials as well as in the directly rendered template.) Discuss

The list of possible payment types is currently stored as a constant in the Order class. Can you move this list into a database table? Can you still make validation work for the field? Discuss

George Says I ran into below bizzar behavior, can anyone shed some light?

        # The only difference between below two is the space between "redirect_to"  and  "(store_url" 
        #format.html { redirect_to (store_url, :notice => 'Thank you for your order' ) }  #don't work??
        #format.html { redirect_to(store_url, :notice => 'Thank you for your order.') }   #works!!