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Proposal Guidelines

When sending us a proposal, please include the following:

  • An overview of your proposed book. Tell us what you’d like to write about and why we should consider publishing on this topic. Explain what you’ll cover in your book and how you’ll organize it. Describe your book’s audience and why they need this book. Why is your book different? Having purchased this book, what will readers be able to do that they couldn’t do before? Most importantly, tell us why we should get excited about your topic.
  • A draft outline. Take the ideas from your proposal and organize them into chapters. Then, for each chapter, include a few sentences explaining what subjects you’ll cover in that chapter. Give us a sense of how many pages you plan for your book to be.
  • Competing books. Let us know what books compete with yours, and how yours would be different and better.
  • Market information. Tell us about the audience size for your idea. Give us a sense of download statistics, number of users, or the level of interest in the community.
  • Promotional ideas. Our authors actively promote their books when they’re published. We’d like to know how you would plan to promote your book.
  • Your bio. Tell us about yourself. We don’t need to see your resume; instead, tell us why you are the best person to write this book.
  • Sample chapter. We’d also like to review a 20-page writing sample from your proposed book. Instead of sending us Chapter 1, please send us a sample from a later chapter that gives us a feel for the style and content of your book. Make sure your writing sample is written in our style: approachable, friendly, and tutorial-focused. Have a look at these samples from our books to get an idea of the writing and the tutorial style we’re looking for.
  • Format. Write your sample chapter and other material with whatever tools you are comfortable with. Plain text or PDF files are fine. Please no Word documents or zip files.

If you sign with us, you’ll be using our custom toolchain, and we’ll get you set up with it then. Keep your presentation simple and there’ll be no wasted effort moving across to our tools later.

Send all proposals to

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Working with The Pragmatic Programmers has been fantastic. Simple and fair contracts, responsive staff, top-notch editors, aggressive marketing, and powerful book construction infrastructure.

Terence Parr, author of The Definitive ANTLR Reference and Language Implementation Patterns

Until I got in contact with The Pragmatic Programmers I never thought I could write a book, much less an English one. But the whole team is unbelievably professional and encouraging. The PragProgs practice what they preach in their books, and you’ll find best practices everywhere, from the initial setup to the final product. I cannot imagine writing for any other publisher.

Maik Schmidt, author of Arduino: A Quick-Start Guide, Enterprise Integration with Ruby and Enterprise Recipes with Ruby and Rails