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iOS SDK Development


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iOS SDK Development


Since the iPhone’s launch in 2008, the iOS platform has added two new device families, thousands of new APIs, new tools and programming practices, and hundreds of thousands of new apps. Yours can be one of them. This book guides you through the state of the art of iOS development, including the radically overhauled Xcode 4 toolchain, the iOS 6 SDK, and the new iPhone 5. You’ll accelerate your development with new tools like Storyboards, practice on new APIs like the Twitter framework, and learn the latest features of the Objective-C programming language.

Customer Reviews

Being a successful iOS developer means maintaining laser-like focus on the details that are specific to your app. I can scarcely think of anyone more qualified to teach you the ins and outs of Apple’s iOS SDK than Bill Dudney and Chris Adamson. Their all-new, updated book, iOS SDK Development, is a must-read, plain and simple.

- John C. Fox

Creator of MemoryMiner and Co-Host, iDeveloper Live

A programmer looking to branch out into iPhone or iPad development couldn’t
ask for a better guide to getting started. Chris and Bill are excellent teachers, and
that really comes through in these pages.

- Dave Klein

Founder of CocoaConf and Author of "Grails: A Quick-Start Guide"

Never have I read an iOS book that so thoroughly guides the reader through the
development cycle of an iOS app. I recommend this book to anyone learning the
iOS platform.

- Jeffrey Holland

In short, this is one of the best iOS books I have read. It might require some outside
homework for someone totally new to programming, but most people coming to
iOS will be existing developers (like me) that are getting sick of PHP and .NET.

- Joel Clermont

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About this Title

Pages: 296
Published: 2012-11-14
Release: P1.0 (2012-11-14)
ISBN: 978-1-93435-694-4

iOS SDK Development is the second edition of the bestselling iPhone SDK Development, completely rewritten from the ground up to cover iOS 6’s new features. You’ll get hands-on experience working with Objective-C and Xcode 4 as you work through this tutorial-style book with two experienced iOS developers by your side. Along the way, you’ll learn the fundamentals of maintainable, performant iOS programming, including:

  • Making apps that are internationalizable, testable, multi-core-capable, and that use less memory.
  • Understanding the underlying concepts of touch event handling, drawing and animation, multi-core concurrency, and memory management with iOS’s Automatic Reference Counting.
  • Developing user interfaces with Auto Layout that take advantage of the extra screen space on the iPhone 5.
  • Creating and using unit tests to ensure your app continues to work as intended even as the codebase evolves.
  • Working through Apple’s App Store processes, including preparing apps for submission, avoiding rejections, and understanding crash reports from end users.

Whether you’re a first-time iOS developer, or you’re looking to get up to speed with all the changes to Apple’s tools and frameworks, iOS SDK Development is the solid grounding you need to master this popular platform.

What You Need:

You need a Mac running Mac OS X Mountain Lion (10.8) and Xcode 4.5 or higher.

Contents & Extracts

Full Table of Contents


  • Tweetings, and Welcome to iOS 6
  • Programming for iOS
  • Asynchronicity and Concurrency excerpt
  • View Controllers excerpt
  • Table Views excerpt
  • Storyboards and Container Controllers
  • Documents and iCloud
  • Drawing and Animating
  • Testing and Fixing Apps
  • The App Store and Beyond
  • Wait! I Forgot (Or Never Learned) C!
  • Bibliography


Chris Adamson is a writer, editor, and independent developer specializing in media software development for iOS. He maintains a corporate identity as Subsequently & Furthermore, Inc. and writes the [Time code ]; blog on media software development, as well as tweeting as @invalidname.

Bill Dudney is a husband, father, coder, and teacher. He has been doing Objective-C since 1989 when he first encountered a NeXT cube, and has several apps on the store through his company, Gala Factory Software LLC. When he is not writing books or teaching people about iOS, he likes to ski and hike in the high country of Summit County, Colorado. You can connect with him on Twitter at @bdudney.