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Web Design for Developers: A Programmer's Guide to Design Tools and Techniques


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Web Design for Developers

A Programmer's Guide to Design Tools and Techniques


Web Design for Developers will show you how to make your web-based application look professionally designed. We’ll help you learn how to pick the right colors and fonts, avoid costly interface and accessibility mistakes—your application will really come alive. We’ll also walk you through some common Photoshop and CSS techniques and work through a web site redesign, taking a new design from concept all the way to implementation.

About this Title

Pages: 300
Published: 2009-12-10
Release: P1.0 (2009-12-15)
ISBN: 978-1-93435-613-5

Developers don’t get to spend a lot of time thinking about design, but many secretly wish they knew how to make their applications look just a little bit better. This book takes you on a journey through a web site redesign, where you’ll learn the basic concepts of design, color theory, typography, and accessibility.

You’ll learn how to take a sketch and transform it into a digital mockup in Photoshop, and then finally into a working web page. You’ll see how to develop logos, icons, and buttons using Illustrator and Photoshop, and then code a web page that will load fast, be easy to maintain, and most of all, be accessible to all audiences.

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Contents & Extracts

Full Table of Contents

  • The Basics of Design
    • The Basics of Site (Re)design: Redesigning Foodbox
    • Choosing Colors excerpt
    • Fonts and Typography
  • Adding Graphics
    • Designing the Foodbox Logo excerpt
    • Design Mock-up: The Structure
    • Design Mock-up: The Content
    • Putting the Finishing Touches on the Mock-Up
  • Building the Site
    • Building the Home Page with HTML excerpt
    • Creating Assets from Our Mock-Up
    • Defining Your Layout with CSS
    • Replacing the Section Headings Using the Cover-up Method
    • Adding Styles
    • Making a Printer-Friendly Page
  • Preparing for Launch
    • Working with Internet Explorer and Other Browsers
    • Accessibility and Usability
    • Building a Favicon
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • Designing for Mobile Devices
    • Testing and Improving Performance
    • Where to Go Next
    • Recommended Reading


Brian Hogan has been developing web sites professionally since 1995 as a freelancer and consultant. He’s also built small and large web sites and web applications using ASP, PHP, and Ruby on Rails. He enjoys teaching and writing about technology, particularly web design and development.