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Build Websites with Hugo: Fast Web Development with Markdown


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Build Websites with Hugo

Fast Web Development with Markdown


Rediscover how fun web development can be with Hugo, the static site generator and web framework that lets you build content sites quickly, using the skills you already have. Design layouts with HTML and share common components across pages. Create Markdown templates that let you create new content quickly. Consume and generate JSON, enhance layouts with logic, and generate a site that works on any platform with no runtime dependencies or database. Hugo gives you everything you need to build your next content site and have fun doing it.

Customer Reviews

I loved learning Hugo by building a real site from the ground up. Well-thoughtout
exercises at the end of each chapter ensure you master the material. If you
run a website or blog and want to make it simpler, faster, and more flexible, then
you need to read this book.

- Kieran Tully

Solution Architect, Mastercard

Absolute guide for getting started on Hugo, and for learning how to build your
next amazing website. A must read for documentation experts and technical
writers looking to add power to their documentation website.

- Aleemullah Samiullah

Senior Engineering Specialist,, Software AG

There are so many introductions and tutorials out there about bringing a website
online with WordPress, but Build Websites with Hugo is the introduction you need
to get going fast—without a lot of overhead. Brian gives you the tools to start
crafting something and sparks your creativity, making you want to create a fast,
stylish, static site with Hugo. By the end of this book, Hugo will go from being a
stranger to being one of your best friends.

- Dan Sarauer

Computer Support Supervisor, City of Eau Claire

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Contents & Extracts

  • Acknowledgments
  • Preface
    • What’s in This Book
    • What You Need
    • Conventions
    • Online Resources
  • Kicking the Tires
    • Installing Hugo
    • Creating Your Site
    • Building the Home Page
    • Creating Content Using Archetypes
    • Building and Exploring Hugo’s Output
    • Your Turn
    • Wrapping Up
  • Building a Basic Theme excerpt
    • Generating the Theme
    • Using Content Blocks and Partials
    • Styling the Theme with CSS
    • Your Turn
    • Wrapping Up
  • Adding Content Sections
    • Creating a Project Archetype
    • Creating the List Layout
    • Creating More Specific Layouts
    • Adding Content to List Pages
    • Customizing the Project List
    • Your Turn
    • Wrapping Up
  • Working with Data excerpt
    • Using Site Configuration Data in Your Theme
    • Populating Page Content Using Data in Front Matter
    • Conditionally Displaying Data
    • Using Local Data Files
    • Pulling Data from Remote Sources
    • Syndicating Content with RSS
    • Rendering Content as JSON
    • Your Turn
    • Wrapping Up
  • Adding a Blog excerpt
    • Creating the Post’s Layout
    • Organizing Content with Taxonomies
    • Customizing the URL for Posts
    • Customizing Blog List Pages
    • Adding Pagination
    • Adding Comments to Posts Using Disqus
    • Displaying Related Content
    • Your Turn
    • Wrapping Up
  • Adding Search to Your Site
    • Creating the Document Collection
    • Creating the Search Interface
    • Improving the Search
    • Your Turn
    • Wrapping Up
  • Managing Assets with Pipes
    • Managing Stylesheets
    • Managing Images
    • Bundling JavaScript Files
    • Using Webpack and npm with Hugo
    • Your Turn
    • Wrapping Up
  • Deploying the Site
    • Deploying to Netlify
    • Deploying to Cloud Storage with Hugo
    • Deploying to a Traditional Web Server
    • Your Turn
    • Wrapping Up
  • Migrating to Hugo
    • Understanding What You Have
    • Transferring the Content
    • Replicating the Theme
    • Making the Switch
    • Wrapping Up


Brian Hogan is a web developer, editor, and author of technical books, including Small, Sharp Software Tools, Exercises For Programmers and tmux 2: Productive Mouse-Free Development. When he’s not working, he’s hacking on code, composing music, or spending time with family and friends.