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Rapid GUI Development with QtRuby


Rapid GUI Development with QtRuby


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Pages 83
Release P1.4 (2006-11-11)
ISBN friday

See how to use the powerful Qt3 library to create cross-platform GUI applications for Linux and OS X in Ruby.

About This Title

Covers installation, basic and advanced programming, event models, and Korundum.

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Contents & Extracts

  1. Introduction
  2. About Qt. History, versions, installing, testing your installation. About QtRuby. Language bindings, SMOKE, installing.
  3. Get Your Feet Wet. Writing your first program, widgets and the object model, initialization, Qt::Application.
  4. Take the Plunge. Custom Widgets, geometry and layouts, signals and slots, slot senders. Read an extract
  5. Sink or Swim. Events methods and filters, the Main event, the event loop, posting and sending.
  6. The Home Stretch. Qt modules, QtRuby tools, tighter Ruby integration, disposing of widgets, debugging QtRuby applications.
  7. Korundum. Installing, DCOP, interprocess communication.
  8. Appendices. Event Method Map, Resources.

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Caleb Tennis has been involved with the design and implementation of mission critical GUI programs for over 5 years. He claims his ability to consistently deliver high quality software programs is because he knows how to pick the right tools and leverage the power of open source software. In return, he attempts to contribute back to open source projects, having been involved with the KDevelop project as a release coordinator, the Gentoo Linux distribution as a developer, and patch contributor to multiple opensource projects. He’s been working with Qt for about five years, and with Ruby and QtRuby for close to two.

Caleb holds a Master of Science degree in Engineering. He’s married with no children and enjoys NASCAR, recreational watersports, and trips to Disneyworld.