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Scalable Cloud Ops with Fugue: Declare, Deploy, and Automate the Cloud


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Scalable Cloud Ops with Fugue

Declare, Deploy, and Automate the Cloud


Harness the promise of the cloud with Fugue, an operating system built for the cloud. Program cloud infrastructure in a fraction of the time it takes with current tools, debug infrastructure at design time, and centralize your change control process. Written by the Fugue development team, this is the definitive resource to scalable cloud operations with Fugue.

Printed in full color.

Customer Reviews

Fugue’s declarative approach to infrastructure deployment and management should
appeal to anyone who has struggled with building and running distributed applications
at scale. Here, the authors walk through their solution with pragmatic step-bystep
instructions for the cloud practitioner. The promise of DevOps delivered, finally!

- Ben Fathi

Former CTO at VMware, former senior VP at Cisco, former VP at Microsoft

Infrastructure management has changed rapidly and dramatically in the past few
years. Where we once thought about servers, networks, and uptime, we are
starting to be able to think in terms of full application stacks. The notion of what
a “computer” is is expanding, and with it we need to think differently about what
an operating system is. Fugue is the embodiment of this new, higher-level way of
thinking about distributed applications management. This book is written by the
creators of Fugue–some of the world’s most forward-thinking experts on infrastructure
management. Even if you’re not planning to deploy Fugue (though consider
it!), it will change how you think about systems administration forever.

- Chad Fowler

Author, speaker, and venture partner at Blue Yard

A good book for any enterprise that wants to look at setting up infrastructure in
AWS. Fugue provides some patterns out of the box that leverage a wealth of experience.
I will be recommending this book to coworkers who are looking at migrating
some of our applications to AWS.

- Nick McGinness

Software engineer, Direct Supply

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What You Need

An Amazon Web Services (AWS) account and a basic familiarity with the AWS Console.

Contents & Extracts


  • Fugue Computing in Action
    • Simple Themes and First Steps
      • Fugue Computing Is Cloud Computing
      • Creating and Deploying Your First Fugue Composition
      • Moving Forward
    • Looking at Fugue
      • A Visual Overview of the Fugue System
      • Fugue Commands in Action
      • How Infrastructure Visualization Solves Problems
      • Ludwig, the Catalyst: A Key to Declared Infrastructure
      • Moving Forward
    • Building a Social Network with Fugue
      • Exploring the Basics of the Refuge Social Network
      • Composing Refuge’s Core Components excerpt
      • Running the Refuge Application
      • Moving Forward
    • Refactoring for New Features
      • Refuge’s Session State Reconsidered
      • Fugue-ing a New Feature: Adding Photo Sharing
      • Updating the Application
      • Testing the Updates
      • Suspending, Resuming, and Stopping the Composition
      • Moving Forward
    • Completing an Application
      • Adding a Final Feature: SMS Task Workers
      • Preparing for Production
      • Moving Forward
  • Tackling More Real-World Complexity
    • Understanding Ludwig
      • Reviewing the Fugue System Library Path
      • Practicing with Types and Records
      • Writing Less Code with Functions
      • Tightening Refuge Code with a Function
      • More Ludwig Programming Fundamentals
      • Reducing Redundancy in Refuge ASGs and Beyond excerpt
      • Moving Forward
    • Ludwig Modules and Validations
      • Code Reuse with Modules
      • Refactoring Refuge with Modules
      • Enforcing Policies with Validations
      • Moving Forward
    • Configuration and Coordination in Fugue: Vars
      • What Is Vars and How Does It Work? excerpt
      • Spinning Up Vars
      • Sharing Refuge Passwords and Secrets with Fugue
      • Using Vars as a Lock Service
      • Moving Forward
  • A Cloud-Minded Enterprise
    • Enterprise Integrations
      • It All Begins with Version Control
      • Building a Service Catalog
      • Adapting to the Enterprise
      • Hands-On with CircleCI
      • Moving Forward
    • Collaboration Features with Fugue
      • One Conductor, Many Accounts
      • Role-Based Access Control with Fugue
      • Moving Forward
    • What We Mean by a “Cloud Operating System”
      • This Isn’t a Metaphor
      • Cloud Services Are Hardware Under APIs
      • Ever-Evolving Operating Systems
      • The Fugue Operating System
      • Moving Forward
    • Who Made This Book?
      • A Dedicated Team
      • The First Round
      • Others Were Essential


The team at Fugue who wrote, edited, and designed this book includes co-founder and CEO Josh Stella, Eric Bittleman, Nic Branker, Chris Grim, Henry Harding, Leslie Passante, Alex Schoof, Jared Tobin, Jasper Van der Jeugt, Tim Wilson, Andrew Wright, Racquel Yerbury, and Dominic Zippilli.