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React for Real: Front-End Code, Untangled


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React for Real

Front-End Code, Untangled


When traditional web development techniques don’t cut it, try React. Use React to create highly interactive web pages faster and with fewer errors. With a little JavaScript experience under your belt, you’ll be up and running in no time creating dynamic web applications. Craft isolated components that make your apps easier to develop and maintain, with plenty of guidance on best practices. Set up automated tests, and make pages render fast for your users. See how to use your React skills to integrate with other front-end technologies when needed.

Customer Reviews

This book does a remarkable job of illuminating the concepts of React using easyto-
follow examples. A must-read for novice or mid-level developers interested in
using React in a professional software development environment.

- Wolfert de Kraker

Software Developer, Stager

React for Real is a great way to get started with React, with clear explanations
and examples that get you a lot further than a short tutorial. Recommended.

- Peter Hilton

Independent Software Developer, Co-Author of "Play for Scala"

A pragmatic and focused introduction to React, this book will equip you with a
great foundation to enjoy and be productive with React.

- Johan Marais

Senior Developer

I recommend this book to people who want to learn React from scratch, because
it explains the concepts concisely and from the ground up.

- Giorgio Mandolini

Web and Mobile Developer, e-xtrategy

This concise and pragmatic book focuses on the essentials of the React ecosystem,
including Redux, and helps you understand and explore React with confidence.

- Suresh Iyer

Polyglot Programmer and Senior Staff Applications Engineer, ServiceNow

In just about 100 pages, this book contains all the essential details you’ll need to
start building real-world React apps. It also addresses some of the challenges in
the React community, including using React with non-React libraries, proper ways
to manage state, and how to test components.

- Justice Mba

Front-End Engineer, VConnect

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What You Need

Node.js 6.x or later, and a modern web browser.

Contents & Extracts

  • Acknowledgments
  • Preface
    • Who Should Read This Book
    • What’s in This Book
    • What You Need
    • Conventions
    • Where to Go for Help
  • An Introduction to Components
    • Set Up Your First Project
    • Create a Component
    • Describe Elements with JSX
    • Match Components and Data
    • Design Presentational Components
    • Assemble the Word Counter
    • What You Learned
  • Work with State and Events
    • Get to Know State
    • Define the Application State
    • Update the State with Events
    • Handle Asynchronous Events
    • What You Learned
  • Create a Production Build
    • Set Up the Development Environment
    • Configure webpack
    • Configure Babel
    • Run Your Build
    • Speed Up Feedback
    • Organize Your Code with Modules
    • What You Learned
  • Test Your React Components
  • Using Redux as a Central Data Store
    • Redux Fundamentals
    • Design the Data Flow
    • Connect the User Interface
    • What You Learned
  • Work Well with Others
    • Share Your Code with Others
    • Integrate Legacy Widgets
    • Combine React Views with External Models
    • What You Learned


Ludovico Fischer is a software developer experienced with startups and Fortune 500 companies alike. He’s contributed to several open-source projects, including SuperCSV and react-motion. You can follow Ludovico on his website